Veneers San Antonio—Building Smiles That Last

Dental veneers are thin porcelain shells that your dentist can easily place on your teeth. Veneers San Antonio has been providing some of the most excellent veneer placement services to locals in Texas. It has a long history of putting smiles back on the faces of masses that have either broken, chipped, or uneven teeth.

You might have seen those Hollywood celebrities all smiling and giddy in a photoshoot on the red carpet. The confidence, the pure aesthetics of their smile, is definitely breathtaking. Have you ever wondered why their smiles are that perfect? No, before your mind contemplates the scenario of these celebrities practicing a perfect sketch of oral hygiene and taking care of their teeth, this is not it. Most of them are wearing veneers that lend that a nice and beautiful smile that is all-natural.

Why get veneers at all?

Why get veneers in san antonio

Most people have a natural smile, and it looks so great on them because all their teeth are naturally symmetrical and don’t have any deformities. If you happen to be all healthy when it comes to your teeth and gums, there is no need to proceed with dental veneers. But on the other hand, if you have broken, chipped, slightly bent or hugely discolored teeth, then getting the veneers is the only option.

Veneers San Antonio provides excellent service when it comes to diagnostics and shaping your veneers in the laboratory. All you have to do is to step in on your first appointment, and a dental professional from Veneers San Antonio will tend to you shortly. Your teeth would be examined, and a proper layout of your mouth will be taken.  You can decide to get porcelain veneers or perhaps you may choose to move forward with composite veneers.

Now, this mold is sent to the lab, where a team of professionals laced with proper technology engage with the design and create an exact replica in the form of tooth-colored shells or veneers. The whole process at Veneers San Antonio is very industrial and uses the best possible practices to ensure that you get the best treatment there is. Because the veneers are a purely cosmetic-based treatment, that is why are mostly not covered in health or dental insurance. You need to consult with your physician beforehand to lay out a proper financing plan to support the implant.

The process of veneer attachment/implant

san antonio texas veneers

You can have veneers placed on just a single tooth or multiple teeth, for that matter. According to a practical procedure, the front eight teeth should be equally aligned and symmetrical for the person to give out a perfect smile. It doesn’t mean that you should get veneers for all of your front teeth; it is just a thought. Getting the veneers from Veneers San Antonio requires you to have about three trips to the dentist, one for the sake of diagnostics and consultation and the other two for making a mold of your teeth and applying veneers.

Diagnosis and planning for the treatment

Diagnosis and planning for the treatment

This procedure involves getting a thorough checkup from your dentist at Veneers San Antonio. This is where you tell your dentist about the kind of outcome that you want to see with your teeth. Do you want veneers on a bunch of them or a selective few? The dentist, on his part, will be assessing your current dental situation and making a final judgment if you are up for getting veneers or should pursue other means of dental implants. After all of this is done, an X-ray procedure is inbound so your dentist could take a good impression of your teeth and mouth to start off the procedure.

Preparation for the veneer implants

The first thing that needs to be done is to scrape off some of the enamel off of your teeth to adjust the surface according to the thickness of the veneers that are to be placed on it. It is up to your dentist at the Veneers San Antonio whether they numb the area before trimming off the enamel or if you can do without it. Up next, a feasible model of your teeth is developed and sent to the laboratory, which takes about two weeks for the veneers to come back, and in the meantime, your dentist will put on the temporary veneers so you can acclimate with them all this time.

Bonding of the new veneers

Bonding of the new veneers

This is the next appointment, and you will be notified by the Veneers San Antonio after finishing up with your first appointment. Now the dentist will place the veneers that came from the laboratory on your teeth to ensure that the color, size, and overall fitting are immaculate. This is done before permanently cementing these veneers onto your teeth. If there is an issue regarding the proper symmetry or tone of the veneers, then these can be adjusted with the shade of the cement used.

Before these veneers can be permanently bonded onto your teeth, your teeth need to be cleaned thoroughly along with polishing and etching these. Etching will make the surface of your teeth rough which assists in consistent bonding of the veneers. A special type of cement is placed both on your teeth and the rear side of the veneers, and then it is set into place which is on the front side of your teeth, covering the front surface properly. Once the veneers are placed on the teeth, the dentist will use UV light onto the newly done teeth as it will harden the cement and make it dry in a matter of minutes.

Some of the final measures taken by Veneers San Antonio include removing any excess cement, checking the bite of the patient, and making any final adjustments if needed. Once the cement has dried, the veneers are locked in place and thus can’t be uprooted or redone in any possible way. And that is about it; you don’t have to take any extra precautions as people having undergone another dental implant such as crowns would have to do.

You can eat right after getting your veneers done, but there is an issue at hand: you should not take a bite of the food having a hard outer shell as it can make the veneers crack. Your dentist at the Veneers San Antonio will ask you for a follow-up visit in a couple of weeks just to see how you are doing and if you need any help with your veneers. Once properly fixed, the porcelain veneers can last for about 7-10 years, but if excessive care is provided and you are good with oral hygiene, then you can make them last another five years, and that is 15 years in total.

Costs of veneers

As discussed earlier, the veneers are not usually covered by insurance, and that is a bummer for a lot of enthusiasts out there. The main reason is that this is a cosmetic-based procedure, which is why it is not termed a medical issue and therefore not covered by a multitude of the insurances out there. The price of the traditional veneers ranges from $900 to $2500 per tooth and is likely to remain usable for 10-15 years. On the other hand, the no-prep veneers cost from $800-$2000 per tooth and will only stay with you for 5-7 years.

It is a costly procedure for sure, and that is why it is less trodden on. The factors that affect the cost of the veneers include the type of veneers that you are interested in, the brand name that you are choosing, and the expertise of the dentist for sure. To make a symmetrical impression on people, it is best that you cover about 6-8 of the front teeth but if you want to go with only one or two, then make sure that the color tone and the symmetry match your existing teeth set.

Frequently asked questions about veneers

Do porcelain veneers need to be replaced very often?

No, the porcelain veneers are extremely durable and don’t need to be replaced for a long time. If given proper care, the veneers could last for 10-15 years, and if they do crack or break before that, only then would you have to replace these. In case of replacement, you can only replace these as there is no repairing option, and if you were wondering, these can’t be repaired with dental bonding.

Do veneers increase the risk of cavities or tooth decay?

Veneers are just like the normal outer covering of natural teeth, so you would have to comply with the general rules of dental hygiene. It is highly unlikely that the person with veneers will develop tooth decay or cavities in the long run, provided they floss and brush their teeth regularly.

Can you customize the color of the veneers according to the rest of my teeth?

Yes, that is very much so the purpose of putting on veneers. Veneers San Antonio can customize the color of the veneers according to the rest of your teeth. But if you want to go with a fully white smile, then you should laser the rest of your teeth on which veneers are not meant to be placed. This will give you an overall white smile.

What is the difference between veneers and crowns?

Crowns will cover the whole teeth, including the gums along with the sides, the veneers on the other side are a thin shell that can be applied on the front of the teeth only. If you have fewer teeth damage, then you should go with veneers instead of going with crowns.

Why should you choose Veneers San Antonio?

Why should you choose Veneers San Antonio

Veneers San Antonio is a fundamental dental veneer practice based in Texas. This exemplary practice provides you with top-notch veneer-related solutions. To be able to get your hands on the best of the veneers, you would have to book an appointment in which a preliminary examination is conducted to make sure that you qualify for veneers. A team of experts will delegate the whole process for you, and you won’t have to worry about anything.

Veneers San Antonio is not accustomed to playing with the patient’s health in any way by making some money while recommending them veneers over some other dental treatment which they originally require. Rest assured, you will be given the best possible advice and directed towards the treatment option that is going to work best for you.

If you need dental crowns instead of veneers, then Veneers San Antonio will recommend you so, and if not, you will be given the green light to proceed with veneers. We will assess your needs, and advise whether you should get porcelain or composite veneers.  All the veneers are crafted in-house, which ensures that you get the best quality veneers and not a winded mess that leaves you strangled with a useless cosmetic implant. Book an appointment with Veneers San Antonio right now to explore all the veneer related possibilities and unlock that naturally glowing smile that will brighten up your day.